Timeless Style, Fleeting Fashions: An Introduction



King Bros for HAVENWe are very excited to start this collaboration with Haven Magazine. As young professionals ourselves, we definitely understand the importance of style—in the workplace and in life. We’ve helped many of our friends re-invent their images to be taken more seriously in their professions, and we are strong believers that if one truly cares, he can live life in style.

Style is something we’ve been passionate about for a very long time. As many men our age have done, we grew up looking at photos of our grandpas and wanted to look just like them. It’s funny how things tend to skip a generation.

We’re twins, and as such, there was often a desire for us to be our own person. It was always so easy for people to group us together. “Let’s invite Kenny and Danny,” “I’m going over to Kenny and Danny’s house.” What we wore helped us to establish ourselves as separate units. We didn’t share clothes growing up because even at a very young age, we learned one’s clothing was a key component to establishing an image. Like it or not, people make judgments about you based on your appearance. That’s one of the reason this column is such an exciting venture for us.

Let’s address the misconception that stylish men care only about what others are thinking about them, and that’s why they dress the way they do.  As this critique has been cast on us time after time, and as we write this style column, we want to quickly disarm this delusional way of thinking.  Stylish men don’t (or at least shouldn’t) dress for others.  Instead, they (should) dress stylishly because they feel as though they are truly representing themselves in an accurate way.

It never fails to be the one time you run to the grocery store wearing your old high school sweats that you see everyone you know.  Why is it that during this interchange you always feel the need to explain yourself?  “Seriously, I never wear stuff like this.”  “I can’t believe this is the time we run into each other…when I’m dressed like this!”  It’s not because we feel sorry for the person we are talking to.  It’s not because we care so much about what they’re thinking about us.  It’s because we don’t feel accurately represented by the message our clothes are communicating in that situation. 

On the other hand, think about the times you wear something and immediately think, “I look really good right now!”  Do you apologize in social settings?  Are you productive in your work?  Are you constantly thinking about others, or are you feeling confident in yourself?  THAT’S why men dress well.  Sure, it always feels good to be complimented, but the truly stylish man dresses the way he does because it’s who he is—an accurate representation of his image.

When talking about clothing, appearance, or an image, we will always use the word “style” instead of “fashion.” This is intentional. We believe style is timeless while fashions are often fleeting. For example, looking back on old family pictures, our grandparents were always wearing 3 piece suits. That’s style. Super skinny jeans are a fashion. A suit that fits someone very well is style. A suit, so slim it looks painted on, is fashion. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable but often times, if someone is solely focused on “fashion,” they will end up needed to completely re-vamp their entire wardrobe when fashions change, thus never having an “image” apart from the latest trend. This is not what we focus on when communicating the message of style.

Let us reiterate: There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable! In fact, often times, very fashionable people are the ones who have actually done their homework on this day and age of style. There are also fashions that very style-conscious men embrace. For example, we love wearing colored denim. Colored denim is something that has just become fashionable this year. We embrace this trend, and work it in with some of our more “timelessly stylish” pieces.

Our goal for this column is not to bash everyone wearing trends from six months ago. Rather, we want to communicate the message of timeless stylishness in a way that will help men establish their image and communicate their message to everyone with whom they come into contact. We are here to help you live your life, in style.

Kenny and Danny King are twin brothers, style consultants, and co-founders of King Brothers Clothiers in Minneapolis – St. Paul. Look for their line of neckwear, hitting shelves in 2013! Visit www.kingbrosclothiers.com for more information.

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One thought on “Timeless Style, Fleeting Fashions: An Introduction

  1. Beautifully said! I could not agree more with your style vs fashion statements. You have encouraged me to use the word style instead of fashion. Great work guys, best of luck in 2013!

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